Our Services

MRA is proud of its commitment of individual attention to each and every one of its clients. Our services are specifically tailored to meet the individual and exacting needs of each property owner. We offer simple bookkeeping services to those investors who still like the "hands-on" thrill of property ownership or we offer complete and total service to more than a dozen international owners who rarely see their properties at all. We always try to go the extra mile to give you what you need. That's what makes us the respected company that we are.

Some of the routine services that we provide are:

  • Clear, concise and "user-friendly" Month-End Statements.
  • Hands-on, personal attention to both the property owner and the building residents.
  • Active marketing of all vacancies with area-wide involvement in many advertising venues.
  • Thorough application screening procedures that we apply equally to all prospective tenants.
  • Thorough and aggressive rent collections, extensive delinquency follow-up and complete representation through eviction proceedings.
  • Frequent on-site inspections of all facilities and equipment.
  • Complete and affordable maintenance and repair services through our own in-house staff and extensive contractor contacts.
  • Full expenditure payments including regularly scheduled expenses and/or service contracts.
  • Complete payroll services, including all tax, unemployment and workers' compensation filings and audits.
  • Representation in administrative and/or legal proceedings.
  • Extensive activity in local real estate coalitions and political organizations.
  • Thorough file maintenance, including ample security of computer records and files.

We use software that is specifically designed for the property management industry. We put in a good deal of effort to create an informative monthly statement that is easy to read and understand. All too often a management company will send out a huge stack of computer-generated "fluff" that is impossible to understand without an accounting degree, it creates a feeling of covering up the basic operations of the property. We don't operate in such a hide and seek environment, we want your involvement and we want you to ask questions. You need and deserve to know what is going on at your property and we're here to make sure you have the information and resources to satisfy your investment requirements.

That's why we can say that our system of Property Management is "the right way to care for people and property." Give us a call. Let us make your day!